Question:  "What's the first step to getting started?"

Answer:  The first thing you want to do is go to the locator and find out if the area you're interested in is available.  If it's available (and there are lots of open cities) then you can email us, call us, or fill out the "contact form" and we'll get right back to you in a day or less.  

Question:  "Once I've become a Gasket Guy, how do I get started selling gaskets?"

Answer:  The first thing you'll do is come to our manufacturing facility for some good ole hands on training.  We'll tour the facility and you can see the process of gaskets being made first hand.  Then we'll get you set up with your marketing supplies, emails, phones, etc.  From there we'll start your actual sales training.  We'll make contact with actual customers here in Atlanta, completing sales calls and installing gaskets for familiarization.  This should on average take about 3 days.  The condensed version is that after that, you'll go back home and start getting set up.  Then we'll actually come to your town and start hands on training with you and the customers in your area.  Over the next couple of months, we'll do this a couple of times.  Including helping you find an installer to install all the gaskets your going to be selling.  

Question:  "Can I sell gaskets on my own?"

Answer:  Sure you can but you'll miss out on all the awesome support and features that we are now offering the new Gasket Guy X's.  This will include but not be limited to: Ipads, Xsell App, unlimited tech support, on site training, help hiring installers, warm sales call generation, your phone # that can be linked through our VOIP system and phone answering support if needed, large selection of marketing products, shirts, uniforms, etc.  Our new Extended Life gasket material with guaranty and free replacement if they don't meet you or your customers expectation.  Personal web site and locator on the Gasket Guy website.  These are only a few of the things you can expect as a Gasket Guy X Dealer.  

Question:  "What are the benefits for a customer to have a Gasket Guy install their Gaskets, why can't the customer install gaskets themselves?"  

Answer:  Most commercial customers really don't have the time or interest to install gaskets.  A busy restaurant manager may even try to order their own gaskets IF they can actually figure out the correct gaskets to order in the first place.  Then those gaskets arrive and inevitably end up sitting in a box in the corner of some storage room and never seen again.  And that's just the easy to install push-in type gaskets.  On the other hand there's the slightly tricker to install gaskets that require a screw driver.  Even though these are relatively easy to install for your basic handy man, it'll just never happen.  Restaurants and facilities are just too busy or the staff doesn't know quite where to start.  Furthermore, there are a little adjustments that need to be made to things like door hinges and closers that they are unaware of if the gasket doesn't fit properly.  This is where that earlier mentioned training gives you the advantage.  

Question:  "How often do gaskets need to be replaced?"

Answer:  On average, for a busy or semi busy facility, the average gasket can last between 6 to 12 months.  A location can have anywhere between 10 to 30 gaskets.  Gaskets usually start to rip in the high "grab" ares near the handles or the leading edge of a walk-in cooler.  Or in the creases of the gasket's folds or "bellows".  Though the gasket may still be sealing, if the Health Inspector spots this on the scheduled health inspection, the facility will be penalized and have to replace the gaskets.  Most locations or restaurants will try to be proactive to make sure this doesn't happen.  The same goes for gaskets that start to show mold.   

Question:  "Will I be able to build a loyal customer base?"

Answer:  Absolutely.  Gasket Guy is a nationally known and recognized brand, so part of the loyalty will come from that fact.  Secondly, as you begin to install gaskets for customers they will immediately see the value of what you are doing.  Many will want you to come back on a regularly scheduled basis to check their gaskets so they can stay ahead of that pesky health inspector.  Every commercial kitchen will consume their gaskets requiring the need to have someone replace them.  At the price point you will be able to provide verses the high price of what the average refrigeration contractor will be able to provide, you will have a lasting customer after your first install.  It's safe to say that 80% or more of your new customers will stick with you after your first installation.  

Question:  "Do I need to be mechanically inclined to be a Gasket Guy?"

Answer:  No you don't!  Some of the most successful Gasket Guys never install a single gasket and have no interest in installing a gasket.  It will help to know the basics of gaskets and to know the technical aspects, but not at all necessary.  You will only need to know how to measure them, identify them, and most importantyl how to sell.  You will be a salesman, so your personal skill set needs to be in customer relations.  Knowing how to talk to people, being the frontman or woman and building relationships with your new customers.